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Bungee Jumping in Nepal

Bungee jumping is a popular activity all around the world. People appreciate the surge of adrenaline that comes with leaping from a great height. Bungee jumping in Nepal is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for individuals looking to try something new. The country has some of the most spectacular landscape on the planet, and bungee jumping here takes place against a backdrop of breathtaking mountains and rivers.

Nepal is also home to some of the world’s tallest bungee jumps. Jumpers have the option of jumping from a height of up to 160 metres above the earth. This is a once-in-a-lifetime event that is sure to set your heart pounding. If you’re searching for an adrenaline rush, bungee jumping in Nepal is a must-do.

Bungee Jumping Price in Nepal

Bungee jumping in Nepal is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. This adventure activity is reasonably priced, and the vistas are breathtaking. The leap is made from a suspension bridge that spans a river canyon, and the sensation of freefall is thrilling. Below are some of the packages offered by one of the most popular bungee jump provider (The Last Resort) in Tatopani, Nepal. 

  • Bungee Only Package : From USS55
  • Bungee Day Trip : From US$65
  • Bungee and Canyon Swing Day Trip : From US$82
  • Bungee and Canyoning Day Trip : From US$93

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FAQ About Bungee Jump

Is bungee jumping safe?

Despite its widespread popularity, though, is bungee jumping really safe? As with any high-intensity activity, bungee jumping has its share of dangers. Bungee jumping, on the other hand, may be an exhilarating and thrilling experience if done safely.
Check your health and make sure you don’t have any existing medical conditions before you go bungee jumping. This activity is not recommended for women who are pregnant or who have a cardiac issue. The risks of bungee jumping should be understood, as should the procedures to be followed if something goes wrong.
Make sure that the bungee jumping service you choose is licenced and insured if you decide to do so. Make sure the equipment is in working order and enquire about the company’s safety record. Always pay attention to what your instructor¬†says.

Is bungee jumping dangerous?
Bungee jumping may appear to be a thrilling and exhilarating sport, but it is also risky. You rely on a piece of cord to keep you safe as you fall from a high height when you bungee jump. You could be gravely hurt or killed if the cord breaks. There have been a number of bungee jumping accidents, so it’s crucial to be aware of the dangers before doing it.

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