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Nepal Location

Located in southern Asia between China and India, Nepal is a landlocked country. 147,181 square kilometres of land are home to more than 28 million people. Kathmandu is the capital and the largest city in Nepal. – Nepal is a multi-party parliamentary republic. Presidents and prime ministers are both heads of state and government, respectively. In addition to being a United Nations member, Nepal also maintains diplomatic ties with over a hundred other countries.

Where is Nepal Located in Map?

Total Area of Nepal in 2022

There are roughly 56,826.90 square miles of land in Nepal’s total surface area of 147,181 square kilometres. The above population density equates to about 201 persons per square kilometre (or 77 people per square mile) when taken into account. Kathmandu, on the other hand, has a high concentration of people per square kilometre, with a density of 52,000 people per square mile.