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Nepali Calendar 2079

The Nepali calendar is a distinctive calendar used in Nepal to keep track of dates and holidays. It is based on the traditional Hindu lunar calendar from antiquity. This calendar serves as both a tool for noting favourable days for religious observances and an accurate record of significant events and festivals that occur throughout the year.

The Bikram Sambat era is followed by the twelve-month Nepali calendar. With the exception of two unique months that have 31 days each, every month has 30 days. Navaratri, or the nine nights, which begin on the first day of the month are when most festivals are observed. According to climatic variations in Nepal’s various regions, it also heralds the start of several seasons, such as the summer and the winter. According to this calendar, the Nepali New Year, which is celebrated all over Nepal, happens on April 14 each year.