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Patan Dhoka

Patan Dhoka, which means “gateway to Patan,” is an old Newar city in the Kathmandu Valley. From the 14th century to 1768 CE, it was the capital of the Malla dynasty. The city is in the Lalitpur District and has some of the most important temples and monuments in Nepal, like the royal palace, Durbar Square, and many temples from the Licchavi period (4th-8th centuries CE). The city was first built by King Amsuvarman in 327 CE, but a big earthquake in 1934 destroyed most of it. Since then, it has been fixed up, and now it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

If you opt to travel around Lalitpur, you will most likely go through Patan Dhoka. Spending half an hour gazing at the exquisite artwork on display there is money well spent. The murals depict Goddesses who are revered as protectors of the locals. From the looks of 20th century photographs, this gate was redesigned and reopened multiple times. After the devastating earthquake of 1878 A.D., the gate underwent the renovation that gave it its current appearance.

Next, the areas of Patan Dhoka and Pimbahal are home to many tourist hotspots like as the Kothu Lachhi Ganesh Temple, Chilangha (Ashok Stupa), Jalamandal pond, and the Chandeshwori.Temple. The stunning Goddess Chandeshwori Temple may be found to the north of Pimbahal Pokhari. All of us are planning on attending.

Map of Patan Dhoka

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